The collective intelligence great leaders want.

Probe and build consensus on questions that count.

A better alternative to Google forms, Survey Monkey, Delphi and focus group.

A better alternative to Google forms, Survey Monkey, Delphi and focus group.

Settle complex or controversial questions, by empowering large groups of individuals to confer anonymously and productively, in public or in private.

We help you probe and build consensus amongst experts, your peers or community

Who is comCensus for?

Businesses, organisations

Make better-informed and more inclusive policies, by directly consulting all employees and members.

Public campaigns, NGOs

Boost the attention of media and public, by inviting large groups of experts to a transparent debate.

Research and scholarship

Probe and explore the consensus on controversial ideas, by polling conferences attendees or samples of experts.

We help you defeat the enemies of collective intelligence.


People avoid speaking up, especially when they are vulnerable and they hold unusual information and minority opinions.


Discussions tend to be dominated by a few, usually more powerful and radical individuals, and everyone else feels pressured to conform.


The newer and more complicated the problem, the more and diverse the opinions shared, the harder it becomes to make sense of it all!

How does it work?

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You define a question and the participants to invite.
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Names are visible, but posts are anonymous and only moderated if illegal.
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Participants explain their vote, share information, and discuss each other's responses freely.
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Algorithms help participants engage with each other productively.
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Advanced analytics give you the collective answer.

Top ingredients of our solution:

Transparent safety

Everyone knows who was invited and why, but shared opinions and contributions are fully anonymous.

Exclusive inclusivity

All and only invited participants are able to respond, discuss and rate each other's opinions, and all voices count the same.

Structured diversity

Our exclusive methodology and technology ensures that discussions are free and yet focussed on understanding a specific issue.

What makes comCensus unique?

Higher engagement rates

By giving participants the unique opportunity to safely encounter opposing views and find out what others truly think.

Broader, deeper information

By granting everyone an equal chance to share their own opinion and knowledge, and to respond to what others share.

Superior understanding

The unique data produced reveals where participants actually agree or disagree, beyond what even they might realise.

The best of each method:

Survey Focus group Delphi comCensus
Many participants check check
Rich responses check check
Consensus-building check check

You are in charge, and we support you at each step.

You, the convener

  • Decide the question and the participants to invite
  • Flag any post for moderation
  • Can directly message any anonymous participant
  • Access special tools and analytics to make sense of the discussion

We, the hosts

  • Advise you in finding the best question and participants
  • Handle the moderation fairly and independently
  • Help participants get the best experience
  • Assist you in analyzing the results

A solution you can trust.

Grounded in science

comCensus is an independent and unbiased platform, with no agenda, conceived by a scientist and methodology expert who for over 15 years has studied the nature of knowledge itself. More about us

Your progress is our sole mission

Like you, we understand that the best decisions are informed by free, honest and constructive discussions, and our sole mission is to help you access that information.

We don't take your data.

Unlike 3rd party platforms, participants can safely use comCensus without worrying about data being used for marketing or any other purposes.

Our security is certified

Cybersecurity Gold Badge by Stellastra


What do I need to convene a discussion?

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How will comCensus ensure the anonymity of participants?

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